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Refund Policy:

1. This package does not support refunds

2. Party a shall refund the fee under special circumstances :(unable to take care of itself due to physical condition)

2.1 If special conditions are met, 10% of the fee shall be deducted for refund application within three days of payment (if sample fee is incurred, the corresponding package price shall be deducted)

2.2 If the special conditions are met, 20% of the fee shall be deducted from the refund application within seven days after the payment, and the sample fee shall be deducted (the corresponding package price shall be deducted if the sample fee is incurred during the delivery).

2.3 No refund will be granted if the bill is paid for more than seven days

After the buyer agrees to the refund conditions, the merchant will start the refund operation, and the amount will be returned through PayPal, about 5-7 working days to the account